Talks from INSTANDA IN Brief: Customers Shaping the Future of Insurance

We held the third in our series of IN Brief events, entitled ‘Customers Shaping the Future of Insurance’ towards the end of last year.

We had a strong line-up of industry executives and CX expert to discuss the key issues around what good customer experience looks like and how to deliver engaging user experience in the insurance industry.

For those of you who made it to the event, we hope you enjoyed it and found it as fascinating as we did. If you didn’t manage to make it, you can also view the individual talks of our amazing guest speakers Ko de Ruyter (Professor at Cass Business School), Alex Hammick (COO of Digital Fineprint) and Paul Tombs (Head of Retail SME at Zurich Insurance) as well as from our own CEO, Tim Hardcastle. Please follow the links to our YouTube channel.

It was great to hear attendees commenting that the talks were very interesting, and that they added another perspective on engaging customers in insurance. It also highlights the importance of working with customers and taking on board their opinions. Finally, technology will be a disruptor in the industry and it will change the customer experience. We hope that through our IN Brief events we can continue to provide a platform to highlight the key topics in the industry!

We are sure that 2018 will continue with the same enthusiasm for innovation that 2017 has brought us.

All the best,