A moment for reflection and anticipation

Posted on 1st May 2020

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A moment for reflection and anticipation

Posted on 1st May 2020

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A moment for reflection and anticipation

Now a year into her role with the business, Marketing Manager for INSTANDA Helen Williams, takes a moment to reflect and share her thoughts on today’s new reality.

As I write this, I realise March and April have been far from ‘business as usual’. That’s why it’s even more important to share successes during this time – both big and small.

So, I thought I would share some of the positive things we’ve managed to achieve here at INSTANDA.

Now, I couldn’t start this article without thanking INSTANDA’s LinkedIn followers for pushing us over the 2,000-follower mark! That’s treble the number of followers the company page had when I joined in May last year.

Like LinkedIn, INSTANDA is all about bringing business and people closer together; in our case insurers and consumers.

Over the coming months, as the insurance industry realigns itself with the new reality in which we live and work, we’ll continue to share a wealth of information on insurance product innovation.

If there’s anything you would like us to cover or any points you would like us to expand on, do reach out. Much of what we’re doing is opening the industry up to new possibilities and so whilst today’s reality is rather challenging, tomorrow’s is full of promise.

Reaching out to consumers

In the meantime, we’re seeing those using the INSTANDA platform as a way of being in closer contact with their policyholders, reaching out and offering even more personalised communications.

This is heartening to see. From experience as a marketing manager, those brands that are proactive in their customer communications during this time, will be remembered long after the event.

That’s why we’re excited for the imminent launch of INSTANDA’s new user interface that’ll give our community even more streamlined ways to engage with the platform and their policy holders.

Widening access to INSTANDA

Whilst we carefully packaged INSTANDA so that it could be purchased through Azure Marketplace just before lockdown, we’ve been delighted by the interest already expressed.

For INSTANDA, it was yet another first, being the only no code software of its kind to be offered directly through the marketplace. It offers Microsoft Azure customers the chance to bring insurance products to market even quicker, in many cases avoiding cumbersome procurement processes.

Knowing my team and I helped to make that happen and have given freedom to more insurers, brokers and MGAs globally, is really something.

Digital is the new ‘normal’

We were already witnessing a consumer thirst for vastly more responsive insurance products. But as remote working and digital connectivity becomes the new norm, the insurance industry should be reading itself a further shift in consumer expectation.

As INSTANDA’s CEO, Tim Hardcastle blogged “with the exception of a handful of ‘digital pioneers’, even well-established companies are reliant on monolithic legacy IT systems”.

Yet, Covid-19, has pressed the fast-forward button on the need for far more agile ways of working.

Although the next 12 months are certainly less predictable than they were two months ago, there’s every indication that ‘digital’ is going to be firmly on the agenda.

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