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Posted on 12th April 2024

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How INSTANDA Scales Insurance Products, Volume, and Countries for is part of the Admiral Group backed by over 11,000 employees and more than 7 million customers worldwide. Since 2008, Admiral and have grown their Italian operations to include over 600 employees to date.

For more than 10 years, have specialised in flexible motor insurance solutions, underpinned by guiding growth values that involve delivering convenience, simplicity, and assistance to their customers. Recently, the italian brand has successfully broken into new insurance markets, namely loans and pet insurance. adopted the INSTANDA platform for the launch of its new Pet insurance product in October 2020. Since then, the partnership has increasingly flourished as expands the quality of their product and service offerings to the Italian market. Continue reading to find out how the INSTANDA platform has helped turn digital transformation into a reality for

The Key Challenges ConTe Faced

Typically speaking, the average Italian consumer is more comfortable and accustomed to interacting with insurance professionals and brokers in-person when looking to purchase an insurance. Since the pandemic, consumers worldwide have been forced to adopt new shopping habits — ultimately heightening the reliance on online channels.

For, one of the objectives was to facilitate seamless customer journeys that could robustly offer flexible pricing, premiums, and personalised products to meet the individual customer’s needs. Additionally, they need a highly configurable and agile platform that team members of varying technical abilities could use with ease.


To meet their business needs, required an insurtech solution that was scalable in three core aspects:

  • Products — That give the capacity to deliver more tailored insurance products as customer expectations change.
  • Volumes — That handle a growing customer base that scales and diversifies over time.
  • Countries — That enable to deliver an agile service across geographical locations that match the needs of people locally.

“INSTANDA has invested in our business and in our project objectives. The flexibility of the team and the platform has proved to be very helpful when configuring new products and reports, while being economical and cost-effective for our company.”

— Alessandro Castelli, Co-founder of

From a business point of view, uses the INSTANDA platform to build policies and products, then display those products online for consumers to choose. The product website built on INSTANDA also integrates with’s HubSpot CRM system to generate accurate pricing models and product specs. In turn, this creates a smoother customer journey from acquisition to retention.

From the technical side, INSTANDA supports with data collected and provisioning. The relevant data empowers the team of insurance professionals at to use the Report Builder function alongside an operational data store (ODS) to inform financial information each month or clearly identify the specific policy coverage the customer requires.

What Benefits Has Reaped Since Using the INSTANDA Platform?

Here are a handful of ways our platform has supported since our partnership began:

  • INSTANDA provides access to hassle-free insurance product creation. This gives the opportunity to manage risks effectively and offer a more diverse array of products at a time and place that suits their customers.
  • The platform offers and their clients power over insurance while providing a personalised customer experience. INSTANDA has equipped with the policy and reporting tools to make more measured decisions and investments to meet consumer needs.
  • Depending on complexity, new insurance products can be devised and launched in months, weeks, or even days. With streamlined insurance product creation and configuration, the INSTANDA platform helped save time, money, and resources with more efficient operational processes.
  • As cloud-native digital insurance technology, INSTANDA continuously adds new features and integrations. Over time, functionality enhancements have increasingly empowered to stay competitive and ahead of the curve on market trends as they evolve.

The INSTANDA platform offers flexibility, scalability, speed, and control over customer journeys. Being a no-code platform, it’s extremely easy to use and gives today’s thriving insurers — like — greater agility when developing new propositions and service offers for special types of insurance cover.

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Whether digitising an entire business and multiple books, taking a vertical slice of an existing business, or launching a new innovative product, INSTANDA provides everything needed to design new insurance products fit for the modern market.

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