How to Talk to Developers Who Are Sceptical About No-Code

Posted on 27th May 2022

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How to Talk to Developers Who Are Sceptical About No-Code

Posted on 27th May 2022

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How to Talk to Developers Who Are Sceptical About No-Code

The use of no-code software is on the rise. While it has already improved the working practices of many insurance companies, there are some developers who remain sceptical about what no-code software can achieve.

In this article, we’ll discuss how no-code development can help your business, and why your developers should embrace its introduction.

What is no-code development?

No-code development allows you to configure or build a product the way you want it to be, without having to write a single line of code.

While no-code software has been used in other industries for decades, such as in email marketing and website building, the insurance industry has only recently embraced the potential of no-code.

No-code developers can now create new products more easily, bringing them to market much quicker and at a lower cost. With the right no code platform, you can build and show stakeholders working examples of insurance products in days, or even hours.

Some developers are still sceptical about this, and worry about what no-code could mean for their jobs.

Demystifying no-code

Although no-code software has many positive and practical uses, it’s understandable that developers can feel that their programming experience will become redundant, or that no-code software won’t have the flexibility that they’re used to. Read on to find out why your developers' no-code fears are unfounded.


Developers worry that a no-code platform will be too small and simple for their company, and that it won’t have the type of flexibility and scalability that they’re used to.

With platforms like INSTANDA, this isn’t a concern. Our software is built for the insurance industry, with all the tools your developers require, and is flexible enough to build the ideal product to meet your business and customers’ needs.

Every client we have worked with has helped grow the platform. Their input, alongside the skills of our brilliant in-house solutions team, have allowed us to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. Each new client brings new ideas to the platform, which everyone who uses it can benefit from.


If you’re a developer who has spent years learning how to code software, you may worry that moving to a no-code platform would require a whole new training schedule to get you up to speed.

Like all good no-code platforms, INSTANDA doesn’t need developers to re-train. Our platform is easy for them to learn how to use and work with. Using a visual programming system, our no-code software enables developers to produce a new product very quickly. Only a short training session will be needed.

If you’d like to see for yourself, why not watch our free demo? In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how to easily create, manage and distribute your insurance products and integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems and APIs.


While your developers may believe that all software has bugs and so no-code must be the same, we’re here to put their minds at ease.

No-code applications have far fewer bugs than standard software. By using the INSTANDA platform, your developers can spend their time innovating rather than troubleshooting.

Because our team are the ultimate developers of the INSTANDA software, any bugs that do crop up will be taken care of by them. So your developers can be the ones raising a ticket for once. The systems we have in place ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and that your product is back ready to use as quickly as possible.


Many developers are concerned that moving to a no-code platform will mean their job

is made redundant, or at least their responsibilities are undermined.

This isn’t the case. No-code platforms like INSTANDA will instead just take away the tedious side of your developers’ jobs. All the tasks that get repeated on every project aren’t required within no-code software — the building blocks are there straight out of the gate.

Rather than spending hours repeating these tasks, developers can set everything up very quickly themselves, then focus on the more challenging aspects of product development.

The benefits for no-code developers

We’ve discussed why developers may be sceptical about moving to no-code platforms — they think it could make their jobs harder or less relevant — but ultimately no-code can help make your developers’ lives much easier by simplifying the process of product development.

With a no-code platform like INSTANDA, your developers will be freed from maintaining legacy code or debugging old systems. Instead of troubleshooting, no-code developers can dedicate more time to product innovation.

Our platform is built for the insurance industry, so has everything that developers need to get started creating a great insurance product without having to repeat the same tasks again and again. This makes product creation much quicker, helping you get to market before your competitors.

Discover the best no-code platform

INSTANDA is the leading no-code platform in the insurance space. Developers looking to

build new insurance products can use the INSTANDA platform to quickly and easily include all the usual functions found in legacy software without needing to code from scratch.

Talk with the team to find out more about how INSTANDA can help make your developers’ lives easier.

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