Introducing Rapid, Powerful, Simple Prototyping

Posted on 20th October 2021

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Introducing Rapid, Powerful, Simple Prototyping

Posted on 20th October 2021

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For today’s insurers to survive, let alone thrive in the industry, they need to be agile, responsive and effective when launching products to market. INSTANDA enables MGAs and carriers to quickly build complex insurance products which can be then quickly launched into a market.

What if there was a way to prove the value of your next insurance technology investment quickly, efficiently and with absolute certainty?

Whether digitising an entire business and multiple books, taking a vertical slice of an existing business, or launching a new innovative product, INSTANDA provides everything needed for data integration or designing new products.

Our 3-day long engagement, led by INSTANDA’s sales, product and innovation team, has been designed and organised to provide the optimum opportunity for you to see the INSTANDA platform in action through a clear, transparent and interactive prototyping workshop.

What can you expect throughout the process?

Throughout the process, our team will work with you from end to end. We’ll set up a joint team and integrate two stand-ups (AM and PM) each day of the Accelerator Programme engagement. To ensure clear, open communication throughout the journey, we use an all-day Microsoft Teams Meeting for transparency into in-flight actions and the freedom to ask questions as they arise. At the end of the 3-day programme, the joint team then presents a final proof-of-value demonstration to the wider team.

How can your insurance organisation benefit?

  • Fast Proof-of-Value
  • Proactive Development
  • Harnessing Emerging Capabilities
  • Increase Buy-in
  • Reusable Results

What will we require from you ahead of time?

  • Proposition
  • Questions, Ratings and Calculation Sets
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Servicing Capability
  • Customer Journey Wireframes
  • Integrations (including API specs)
  • Report Outputs
  • Documents and Emails

INSTANDA’s Accelerator Programme removes the stress and risk of investing in the wrong technology solution needed to meet your unique requirements, and the window is now open.

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