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The INSTANDA Accelerator Programme

As an insurance company, you’re constantly up against the shifting sands of technology innovation, market competitiveness and the ongoing necessity of escaping legacy system challenges while simultaneously realising the value of new insurtech capabilities. What if there was a way to prove the value of your next insurance technology investment quickly, efficiently and with absolute certainty?

We’ve got good news for you.

INSTANDA’s Accelerator Programme removes the stress and risk of investing in the wrong technology solution needed to meet your unique requirements.

The 3-day long engagement, led by INSTANDA’s sales, product and innovation team, has been designed and organised to provide the optimum opportunity for you to see the INSTANDA platform in action through a clear, transparent and interactive prototyping workshop.

How Your Insurance Organisation Benefits

Fast Proof-of-Value

Fast Proof-of-Value

The Accelerator Programme is a demonstrable opportunity to see the INSTANDA platform’s capabilities and integrations in action. Telling is good, but we believe showing is even better.

Proactive Development

Proactive Development

Cultivating innovation and intrapreneurship in a thriving insurance organisation is tricky, but putting it off risks harming market competitiveness and operational efficiency. The Accelerator Programme is a hands-on experience to develop, build and innovate in real-time.

Harnessing Emerging Capabilities

Harnessing Emerging Capabilities

AI, IoT, data analytics, Blockchain and wearable technologies are all prominent emerging technology trends that have potential to disrupt the insurance landscape. INSTANDA’s Accelerator Programme is an interactive experience that allows you to see the ease of integration and implementation of today’s cutting-edge technological advancements.

Increase Buy-in

Increase Buy-in

We recognise how important it is for you to get buy-in from key internal stakeholders in the C-suite or in your IT department before implementing and integrating new insurtech. Say goodbye to slow procurement processes with a programme that puts comfort and security before commitment.

Reusable Results

Reusable Results

Work completed over the 3-day engagement isn’t just a throwaway one-off. Rather, it can be used for long-term benefit and integration of the INSTANDA platform.

What to Expect Throughout the Process

Throughout the process, our team will work with you from end to end. We’ll set up a joint team and integrate two stand-ups (AM and PM) each day of the Accelerator Programme engagement.
To ensure clear, open communication throughout the journey, we use an all-day Microsoft Teams Meeting for transparency into in-flight actions and the freedom to ask questions as they arise.
At the end of the 3-day programme, the joint team then presents a final proof-of-value demonstration to the wider team.

What Do We Require from You Ahead of Time?

  • Proposition
  • Questions, Ratings and Calculation Sets
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Servicing Capability
  • Customer Journey Wireframes
  • Integrations (including API specs)
  • Report Outputs
  • Documents and Emails

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