Meet Ethan Fox-Vaughan, Business Analyst at INSTANDA

Posted on 27th July 2023

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Meet Ethan Fox-Vaughan, Business Analyst at INSTANDA

Posted on 27th July 2023

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Talk to us about what you do in your current role

In my current role as a Business Analyst at INSTANDA, I have the exciting opportunity to collaborate closely with clients, delving into their unique requirements for distributing products and services through the INSTANDA platform. A typical day for me involves conducting sessions with clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs. I actively listen to their ideas, goals, and preferences, meticulously capturing all the necessary information.

Once I have gathered the requirements, I proceed to build comprehensive process maps that outline the step-by-step workflows and functionalities that the products and sites on INSTANDA should possess. These process maps serve as a blueprint for the development teams, guiding them in creating tailored solutions within the INSTANDA system.

How did you end up where you are now?

My career journey began before I joined INSTANDA in early 2019. Previously, I worked as a configurator on an employee benefits software, where my main responsibility involved creating training documents/process maps to assist new team members in navigating the system effectively. During this time, I gained exposure to different software platforms and became acquainted with the intricacies of configuring and customising software solutions.

Upon joining INSTANDA as a Configuration Analyst, I was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and robustness of the INSTANDA system. This then sparked my enthusiasm, and I eagerly sought opportunities to leverage the platform's capabilities to develop innovative and tailored products.

What attracted you to INSTANDA?

What initially drew me to INSTANDA was the emphasis they placed on investing in their employees. During the interview process, it became evident that INSTANDA was genuinely committed to seeking highly motivated individuals and providing them with opportunities to advance in their careers. I am extremely happy that this was all true and I am where I am today.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at INSTANDA when you joined?

One aspect that pleasantly surprised me upon joining INSTANDA was the incredible team. The INSTANDA team are kind-hearted and highly motivated professionals who are always willing to lend a hand or offer guidance whenever needed. The openness and approachability of my colleagues creates an environment where I feel encouraged to freely express my opinions and ideas without hesitation. This part of the culture at INSTANDA has increased as the company has grown, which is fantastic.

Tell us about your career progression at INSTANDA

During my first two years at INSTANDA, I had the opportunity to explore various roles within the team, and it became evident that the position of Business Analyst resonated strongly with my skillset and aspirations. So, I set my sights on becoming a Business Analyst and highlighted this to my manager.

Over the past two years, INSTANDA has been instrumental in facilitating my professional growth by providing Business Analyst training and giving me further exposure to the BA role. This invaluable support from management has been instrumental in helping me make a seamless transition from my previous role as a Configuration Analyst to my current position as a Business Analyst.

What project have you been most proud of in your work to date?

I am very proud of a lot of projects I have worked on over the years. I think the first project for a multinational health insurance and healthcare company sticks out the most for me - it was the first of its kind on the platform and the team worked very hard to deliver this project to the highest standard, whilst working to a tight timeframe.

Also working as a Business Analyst, I have help in develop new functionality to improve the platform, and witnessing these changes come to life and positively impact our platform and users fills me with an incredible sense of accomplishment.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

One aspect of working at INSTANDA I enjoy is the dynamic nature of the job. Each day presents new and exciting challenges. I have had the privilege of working on a lot of different products, some of which have been distributed across various countries. This global side adds a fascinating layer to my role, as it allows me to investigate different cultures and markets.

An additional perk are the trips to visit clients in their offices. These visits not only provide a change of scenery but also offer me the chance to immerse myself in the corporate culture of each client and build a good working relationship with them.

If a new starter asked you for advice in their first month at INSTANDA, what would say?

If you are new to any company, take all opportunities that arise and learn as much as possible from those experiences, this will help in guiding your decision in the future. Also, don’t be afraid to express your opinions or ideas, who knows what they could lead to!

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