Posted on 16th September 2019

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InsuranceFair looked long and hard for a technology platform which would allow it to diversify its product range before it found INSTANDA.

Low barriers to market

INSTANDA presented several opportunities, the most important being low barriers to entry. Even with no technical experience of insurance software, INSTANDA enabled InsuranceFair to think much bigger with regards to future expansion of its product portfolio.

Diversifying product portfolios

InsuranceFair is a lifestyle provider and intermediary. Its ambition was to diversify its product portfolio, but it needed a flexible insurance platform configurable to its exacting needs. A system that could help the company launch and test-market new products quickly, easily and with minimal risk. After scouring the market for suitable software platforms, they were attracted to INSTANDA due to its user-friendly feature rich technology.

Rapid speed to market

The promise of low effort to get going, on top of its ability to launch any type of product, were winning qualities. In the space of six weeks, InsuranceFair went from concept to live with a new golf product, having completed the product structure in just two weeks.

Intuitive interface

The team were impressed by the intuitive interface and usability of the system, accessible to both business and technical users. Empowered with their newfound capability to experiment, they are now building on this success with products being released in even shorter time frames, since INSTANDA allows a lot of UI/UX work to be replicated from past product builds.

InsuranceFair believe that the ability to get products to market quickly and cost-effectively allows them to become more daring and dynamic. Moving forward, they are diminishing the need for outsourcing certain aspects of the product lifecycle.

“We looked long and hard for a technology platform which would allow us to diversify our product range before we found INSTANDA.”

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