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Modern Technology for Insurers

Insurers now have the option to be first to launch in a new market, with uniquely designed products that are completely customisable to each insurer.

By becoming part of a movement that pushes the boundaries of insurance technology, users convert more customers and generate new revenue streams in a matter of weeks or months – not years.

Innovative Technology to Enable Insurers & MGAs

INSTANDA’s fully customisable, digital insurance solutions enables insurers and Managing General Agents (MGAs) to



INSTANDA is the first solution of its kind – a fully customisable SaaS-based policy administration platform that enables insurers to get ahead of the competition, with lightning-quick agility.

The INSTANDA Difference

At INSTANDA, we walk our clients through the product design and implementation process to help insurers:

Clearly articulate their business vision
Begin with the consumer in mind
Streamline the policy lifecycle process
Design and implement an MVP release
Evaluate the release and make changes
Finalise changes and implement a full-scale launch

Comparing typical deployment times

INSTANDA versus legacy systems

Typical deployment for INSTANDA users is around 8-12 weeks, allowing clients to capitalise on market opportunities with breakneck speed

1 - 3

EDUCATE vendor on company & industry

3 & 4

Core concept
Customer experience
Front & Back end

4 - 8

MEET with IT
MEET with Business users
COMBINE expectations

5 - 11

TRAIN client
BUILD product

8 - 12

-Technology needs
-Core Concept
-Front & Back End
-Customer Experience


MVP release

12 - 24

BUILD product
GATHER feedback
AMEND product


Large-scale LAUNCH


LAUNCH product

*all times are estimated

Speed to Market

Speed should be the resting pulse of success for the modern insurer.

Typical deployment for INSTANDA users is around 8-12 weeks, allowing clients to capitalise on market opportunities with breakneck speed.

INSTANDA is liberating its users from previous constraints, with speed and agility in mind

Agility and Flexibility

Insurers can truly create a product that is unique to them and diversify their offerings without anything getting lost in translation or over reliance on third parties.

  • Create new products when desired
  • Test products in the market
  • Make changes according to customer feedback

This flexibility to adapt to market changes and opportunities puts INSTANDA clients in an enviable position against competitors.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

No hidden hefty maintenance fees or premiums placed on innovation.

Insurers are enabled to design products to their exact specification and take back control.

Rapidly Launch New Products

Easily break into new markets and meet customer expectations. With INSTANDA, our clients can take advantage of emerging trends in the insurance landscape.

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