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Simply being digital is no longer enough

Digital transformation provides far deeper customer insights. But it’s not a market differentiator on its own. The insurance industry is used to large-scale system implementations and big product launches. But today’s P&C, L&H, and New World insurance markets require a far more agile approach; responding to customers’ individual life and business moments with intensely customised real-time insurance products.

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Where you lead from the front-end, venture into new markets more assured, and explore new opportunities to differentiate your offering.

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Today’s digitally native customer is more expectant than ever. Make every customer journey count with more choice, intuitive tools and intelligent features.

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Say goodbye to months and weeks and say hello to days. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to launch your insurance product.


Bypass web development and coding. API ready, simply log in to the INSTANDA platform and build products, without the constraints.

Carve the ecosystem you wish to serve

With the ability to create hyper-personalised insurance products tailored to customer life moments, comes greater opportunities to reshape the ecosystem you wish to serve. Think and act more freely. Could professional indemnity cover for those in the gig economy extend into highly-tailored income protection?

With INSTANDA, you have the freedom to explore new lines at an extraordinary pace. A pace that is also visible with more conventional products offered in modular units that are customer-centric and easy to distribute digitally.

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