The Difference

Creativity is connecting things

We looked for the best ideas across all industries and combined it with the experience and understanding gained from working in the sector and with insurance systems.

It’s the combination and application of 5 key factors that make INSTANDA so attractive


A distinctive and unique design philosophy

Enterprise ready by design INSTANDA is designed from the ground up with configuration in mind. This agility is achieved via innovations in every layer of the insurance system architecture; establishing a common foundation for selling any insurance product; allowing business users to configure each and every step in the workflow. Real business users (rather than IT developers) are considered as first-class users of INSTANDA, and this premise drove the intuitive insurance system design. Product designers, risk management professionals and business analysts can build, design, launch and manage products (and rates, promotions and documentation) without needing to know a single line of code, and amend at will – combining ease of use with the agility, control and flexibility they need to work on their terms and in their timeframes.



Reduced ‘time to develop’ and ‘time to market’ means INSTANDA can be much more agile in servicing clients’ needs. The combination of Azure Cloud Services capability and the Instanda application architecture design allow us to stand up products quickly, adapt faster and build for repeatable sustainable success. By embracing and enabling innovation, we are able to allow our customers to configure once and deploy globally.

cloud ecosystem


Integration and Security


INSTANDA is not an all or nothing proposition. We understand that a customer’s environment is often complex and heterogeneous so both our API framework and the secure Azure environment means we can not only integrate across a variety of external applications, identity and infrastructure, but do so safely and securely. Microsoft Azure allows INSTANDA to confidently run enterprise applications securely and reliably within ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SSAE16 accredited environments. These are backed with a rich set of financially-backed monthly SLAs.

INSTANDA is proud to announce the launch of our new dynamic API framework which will enable insurance business users to create and maintain external APIs for all products hosted in INSTANDA, without the need for any developer input — dramatically reducing the cost, effort, and impact of technology change.

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Cloud, universal reach and scalability

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, INSTANDA enjoys the benefit of massive global scale which enables us to provide our customers with a genuinely elastic, web-scale insurance system. Put simply, this means Azure allows INSTANDA to reach markets where traditional client datacentres or computer rooms cannot. Global traffic management capability means you can deploy your services to new markets instantaneously and scale up (and down) as INSTANDA adapts its capacity to workload as required. Through the combination of a truly flexible application hosted on a global infrastructure, INSTANDA can ensure global deployment, high performance, availability, and resilience.


Aligned SaaS commercial model

Reinforcing the pure SaaS nature of INSTANDA is an aligned pricing model. Based on a % of GWP, organisations pay in direct correlation with the transactions processed through the system. Even better, the % declines as client volumes increase, working on the premise of mutual success like a true partnership.

Seeing is believing.

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