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We’re excited to bring to the market a truly enabling technology to help you lead - as well as meet - the demands of your market today and in the future.

When you need to launch an in-demand product or amend an existing product quickly…

When you want to innovate and experiment without risk…

When you feel frustrated by the lack of business control over digital delivery…

When you need slicker processes, automation and control…

… we’re proud to introduce you to INSTANDA

INSTANDA is an exciting new software tool which fundamentally changes how companies who sell insurance can design and deliver insurance products to the market.

It is not an insurance system in the traditional sense, but a tool for building any insurance product and distributing it online, anywhere.

Using INSTANDA, Insurers, Brokers and MGAs can take a product from concept to point of sale in unprecedented timescales. And once online, the product can be amended at will, no matter how bespoke or complex, without needing to write a single line of code.

Offering speed, flexibility, elasticity and responsiveness, INSTANDA represents a step change for the industry, whose needs are rarely met through traditional software providers affordably.

Designed to help overcome traditional, historical process blockages which hold you back, INSTANDA allows you to better meet changing consumer and market behaviours speedily. And its ease of use provides the impetus to experiment, innovate and further digitize your business operations.

INSTANDA is the fruit of first-hand experience. Brought to you by a team of insurance industry experts and cutting edge developers, to exactly match your unique needs and the way you want to work.

Something for anyone

Designed for the needs and requirements of business insurance users, INSTANDA allows you to:

  • Design and build virtually any insurance product, and deploy through any online channel
  • Modify existing products and/or design and build new ones through the integrated and repeatable product designer, rating engine, document builder and screen templates
  • Clone products and easily deploy them through sales channels to test alternative cover/price etc. approaches
  • Distribute same or similar products through multiple channels
  • Provide differentiated rating through alternative distribution channels e.g. web purchase or broker channel can be incentivised over telephone call purchasing
  • Manage and maintain product ratings, documentation, online look and feel (in a single self-service environment), customer journey and experience
  • Test and launch services in a safe, secure and scalable environment; whether a committed product launch or a R&D test bed – experiment and innovate
  • Transition incrementally, with no need for a “big bang” implementation. Less pain for greater gain.

And crucially, INSTANDA allows you to evolve and integrate with other systems to provide ultimate technology flexibility.

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