Fully Digital, End-to-End Solution for Modern Insurers

Posted on 11th May 2021

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Fully Digital, End-to-End Solution for Modern Insurers

Posted on 11th May 2021

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Fully Digital, End-to-End Solution for Modern Insurers

When you think about creating an insurance product, what comes to mind? Does it make you think of long hours, significant monetary investments, and the need for heavy IT and software solution involvement?

Many insurers are being held back by traditional, legacy systems – meaning that there is much hesitation in the marketplace to expand to new markets, simply because of the time and effort involved in creating a product. However, the industry is changing, showcased by the rise of insurtech companies that provide no-/low-code solutions.

SaaS-Based Insurance Solutions for Modern Insurers

At INSTANDA, we believe the importance of making light work of developing insurance products. Our founders built INSTANDA from the frustration of being held back by legacy systems and wanted to create a modern platform, for the modern insurer.

Insurers looking to the future know that legacy systems are a thing of the past, but many do not know where to turn. That is where INSTANDA comes in.

Build & Distribute Insurance Products from One Platform

Our digital platform allows users to build and distribute insurance products, all from the same platform. It is able to integrate seamlessly with other third-party software and providers. No longer do carriers and MGAs have to be held back by bulky systems, they can move into the future through innovative technologies.

INSTANDA takes insurers from concept, to creation, to launch, and to revenue in exceptional timeframes. Our typical implementation time is 12 weeks from idea to creation, as opposed to years with traditional systems.

Whether an insurer is digitally shifting existing products or launching new products, INSTANDA provides:

  • Core functionality: product management, quote management, policy management, claims management integrated forms, and workflows
  • Portals: distribute product lines to various channels, including direct to an insurer’s site, a producer portal, or an insured/self-service portal
  • Data management: data insights to inform product building, including data integration and enrichment; support for data migration; and data and reporting into the performance of product lines.

When insurers choose to transform the way they do business, through a modern and innovative insurance platform, they can skyrocket their business to success. If you are ready to join the insurance revolution and modernize the way you do insurance, then we are ready for you.

Transform the way you do business forever with INSTANDA and build products that are uniquely yours. Get in touch to see how you can start modernizing your insurance products, today!

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