We collaborate with providers of world-class technologies, services and other streams. Our partnerships help you grow your markets, streamline your business and unleash new potential.

Give your organisation the edge

Looking beyond traditional value chains, the need for new digitally connected ecosystems is intensifying as insurers respond to evolving customer needs and behaviours.

Through our partnerships, we’ll help you carve the ecosystem you wish to serve.

A Microsoft Partner

“By working closely with and aligning ourselves with Microsoft technologists, our clients are able to quickly benefit from the latest innovations.”


INSTANDA’s partnership with Microsoft recognizes that as insurers, brokers and MGAs move away from monolithic systems to a cloud-based ecosystem, they need to be assured that real-time data exchange and integration is a given.

Built upon the Microsoft Azure preferred interface definition language, Swagger, our API framework enables insurance business users to create and maintain external APIs for all products hosted in INSTANDA, without the need for any developer input.

This vastly reduces the cost, effort, and impact of technology change.

Our delivery approach

INSTANDA offers you the flexibility to use the platform in three different ways:

Client self-onboarding – facilitated by targeted training in person and online

Co-build – You work either directly with the INSTANDA team or through a delivery partner with us to deliver your first product or book migration. With knowledge transfer a key feature throughout the co-build project, you will be fully equipped to self-build future products.

Full delivery – INSTANDA is exclusively delivered via a partner build.

Each model is delivered via agile sprints with a target cap on any one project of 12 weeks. Simultaneous book transfer and new product builds are delivered through multiple teams running in parallel.

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