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Those who say it can’t be done, should not interrupt those doing it

Operating in a world where product changes can be made in minutes, generates euphoric client testimonials and industry-leading NPS scores.

Working with INSTANDA has opened up possibilities for us especially around operational efficiencies. It has provided us with a solution that other software hasn’t before

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LV= is recognised in the industry as an innovator. The desire to break free from a heavy reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes currently in use, the team at LV= were drawn to INSTANDA which offered a quicker way to the solution.

The initial project objective was to apply new SaaS technology to an area of existing product management and deployment in a way that would help to overcome issues of bandwidth, multiple site working and provide increased operating efficiencies and management control.

It soon became clear that INSTANDA offered significant additional benefits to the business: such as a greater access to data and the bigger business view. The team has recognised the potential positive impact that INSTANDA can bring — even at this early stage.

And in terms of future business, INSTANDA opens up all sorts of possibilities. Its potential to enable an improved customer interaction, and the ability to develop new functionality for brokers, should allow LV= to get out ahead of the market in this area.

The project was handled through two phases:

Phase 1 – Proof of Concept: replicating the spreadsheet used  for the last 3 years and delivered by the Instanda team in 3 months — compared to average cycle times for LV= of 12 months to reach POC/pilot stage

Phase 2 – Go-Live: including a range of workflow, process and documentation enhancements, full UAT for the end to end platform, security (pen testing), data migration, training and business change.

Speaking of the experience of working with INSTANDA, LV= have said:

“It’s been a real partnership. We’ve been in this together. You took time to listen to our needs and we value your very interactive, flexible and adaptable approach. We’ve seen you deliver to timelines and make sure we kept everything on track. It’s been very easy; I would highly recommend you”.

We have looked long and hard at options in the market for easy to use, value for money insurance sales and software solutions and repeatedly they have fallen short. We then turned to F2X and were an early adopter of Instanda. We are now seeing all the benefits that we thought were possible — multiple schemes easily set up running in parallel, price, rates and question set changed within minutes. Creating new products or schemes and have them up and ready to distribute and sell online the same day. Amazing.

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Compass is a specialist business focused on developing insurance schemes for start-ups and new insurance ventures. As such, many of their clients are looking to get products to market or to test new products quickly, simply and affordably.

INSTANDA has helped many of Compass’ businesses do just that. Its ability to be tailored to individual needs means that it offers a bespoke solution that is adjustable ongoing, and gives unique management control to the user.

Initially the appeal to Compass clients has been the speed, simplicity of use and the level of user control in the quote and buy system. As mid-term and adjustments and renewals are increasingly achieved via smartphones and tablets, Compass envisage INSTANDA will become a valuable management tool for the customer as well, improving the overall experience and offering distinct advantage — especially for new ventures.

INSTANDA has become a crucial part of Compass’s business offering — particularly when approaching new clients and prospects. They tell us that in many cases business is won on the strength of the ability to provide such a solution — most don’t even believe it’s possible! A site can be up and launched in a few days — including a complete UAT — and it works.

We are building our business with INSTANDA. Its flexibility enables us to build products and deliver them rapidly to market, and it provides us with both the infrastructure and the confidence to build more and more innovative and niche products. As an MGA just getting established, we highly recommend INSTANDA.

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Imperium Insurance are a recently established MGA, underwriting specialist products for the UK and Irish market. Formed with the mission of delivering a great experience to its network of brokers, Imperium’s mission is to empower its customers by making specialist products easy for their customers to buy. For them, this means getting highly tailored products out to brokers to their own timetable, both proactively anticipating customers’ needs and being responsive to change and to customer requests.

For a business with such a customer-centric mission, effective technology and digital enablement are paramount to business success. Founded in late 2014, Imperium initially selected a traditional IT provider — but quickly ran into problems. Product tweaks frequently entailed lengthy change requests, customer journeys were rigid, and Imperium soon sought an alternative which would allow enable them to live up to their ethos of agility. INSTANDA, with its SaaS-based commercial model, represented a risk-free proposition; its self-service capability, and its ability to build products rapidly and to maintain them post-launch, made it an even more attractive option.

Imperium’s relationship with INSTANDA kicked off with a commercial tradesman product, designed and built in co-operative ‘co-build’ style by the Imperium and INSTANDA teams. A specialist farm product followed soon after, forming part of a new division: iFarm Underwriting. Throughout these co-builds, INSTANDA led the Imperium team step-by-step through the process of building a product in INSTANDA, facilitating knowledge transfer and enabling future ownership.

Imperium’s trained super-users now have six more product builds planned for completion in the next three months. The newfound ability to build and amend products in-house and to shape the customer journey has surpassed all expectations: in the fluid, fast-moving days and weeks immediately following a new product launch, Imperium can now react immediately to broker feedback and make changes to their questions and rates within the hour.

Not only that: once a product is built, INSTANDA’s product cloning and modification features supports the ability to provide scheme business for brokers and get new offerings up and running within days — as well as providing all the necessary management information. For the management team, Imperium have said it will dramatically reduce the time they need to spend with systems providers — meaning they can concentrate instead on developing the business and on working closely with brokers to fine-tune their offerings.

Speaking of their experience, Imperium have said, “The INSTANDA team are great to work with. They listened to, understood and reacted to our needs. They are willing to work alongside you to offer a tailored solution, and the senior team take pride in ensuring great customer service.”

INSTANDA is an IT platform blazing a trail. Our new product was built end-to-end in just 35 days. And now it’s live, we can adjust pricing on a real-time basis and continuously feed in improvements. The agility INSTANDA provides will give us a competitive edge which will be very important to our future way of trading.

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As one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market, the specialty insurer Canopius (now Sompo Canopius), has built a reputation and track record with its flexible and innovative solutions.

The team found their way to Instanda when they wanted to launch a new Over-50s Household product for online and call centre distribution.

In line with its strategy, the business wanted to be more agile and get ahead of the curve as new opportunities presented themselves. However they faced the all too familiar technology frustrations of high costs and the length of time it would take to get the new product into the market.

Having been quoted at least 9 months to build, and a heavy ongoing involvement with IT support, the team at Sompo Canopius were attracted by INSTANDA’s promise of speed to market and agility of the SaaS product in deployment.

The product was built end-to-end, from spreadsheet to live product, in 35 days: believed to be a record in the UK market. And the process was uniquely collaborative, which is by all accounts, a rare experience.

Plans for going live with a second product are now well under way and the ultimate goal to have a one stop portal for brokers to access to all their products comes closer.

The Sompo Canopius team believes INSTANDA will positively impact the way they work. Often smaller companies can’t compete with the larger companies who are able, for example, to change their pricing at will. With INSTANDA, Sompo Canopius too can now adjust quickly to the market’s behaviour.

They also see potential to change the way they interact with the front line. Agents have first-hand experience and good ideas for improvement. Now the business can respond quickly to such insights in a flexible and agile way.

And importantly, the business anticipates that INSTANDA will provide greater ability to access capacity in the Lloyd’s market, where their previous inability to get products to market quickly made this challenging.

Of working with INSTANDA, Sompo Canopius have said:

“Committed, available and collaborative, our experience of working with the INSTANDA team has been incredible. We highly recommend them.”

We looked long and hard for a technology platform which would allow us to diversify our product range before we found INSTANDA. The opportunities INSTANDA presents as a result of low barriers to entry are unique. Its accessibility, even for somebody with no technical experience of insurance software, enables us to think much bigger with regards to future expansion of our product portfolio

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Travel Insurance Facilities Group (TIF Plc) are a specialist travel and lifestyle insurance provider. Their ambition was to diversity their product portfolio but were held back by their existing purpose-built travel insurance system. They were therefore looking for a product-agnostic platform which could help them launch and market-test completely new products quickly, easily and with minimal risk.

After scouring the market for suitable software platforms, they were attracted to INSTANDA due to its user-friendly and feature-rich technology and the promise of low effort to get going — on top of its ability to launch any type of product.

In the space of six weeks, TIF went from concept to live with a new golf product, having completed the product structure itself in just two. The team were impressed by the intuitive interface and usability of the system, accessible to both business and technical users.

Empowered with their newfound capability to experiment, they are now looking to build on this success and are confident new products will be released in even shorter time frames, as INSTANDA allows a lot of UI/UX work to be replicated from past designs when building new products.

TIF believe that the ability to get products to market quickly and cost-effectively allows them to become more daring and dynamic. Moving forward, they can quickly diminish the need for outsourcing certain aspects of the product lifecycle now that they have the power to do most of these functions themselves.

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Clients already using INSTANDA confirm that it is as good as it sounds

They are seeing a transformed landscape where what was previously unthinkable is now possible; where the historical IT trade-offs between time, cost and quality are a thing of the past.

INSTANDA helps generate more sales, reach new customers and create real distance between you and your competitors.

With INSTANDA in your business you too can witness its game changing benefits.

Today do what others won’t. Then tomorrow you can do what others can’t.

Contact us now to get started.

Pre pilot…

“This looks fantastic, sounds great, timescales are amazing and the price is extraordinary. It sounds too good to be true.”

Richard Verdin CMO of RGA

Post pilot…

“I am now convinced, and am not going to tell anyone else!”

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