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Leading edge cloud software for all product lines, and all channels.

Brought to you by a team of insurance industry experts and software engineers, INSTANDA’s no-code insurance platform enables excellent agent and customer experience supported by sophisticated distribution and underwriting capabilities.



All implementation projects are delivered in an Agile framework.

Whether digitising an entire business and multiple books, taking a vertical slice of an existing business or launching a new innovative product. INSTANDA provides everything needed for data migration, or designing new products - a customer friendly core underwriting, open-source API-ready integration – into a single platform. A platform that’s trusted by leading insurers worldwide.


A real step change for the industry, whose needs are rarely met through traditional software providers, INSTANDA enables insurers, brokers and MGAs to take products from concept to point of sale in exceptional timescales.

Clients are moving books of business across to INSTANDA to give them the flexibility to change attributes untouched for years.

Why? Because they know, as well as we do, that the real value for insurance companies sits at the customer interface. They choose INSTANDA for its front-end approach to meet the needs of today’s highly expectant customer whilst still complying with middle and back office requirements.

Digitise entire product lifecycles

INSTANDA’s modular, code-free product design platform makes it easy to configure your products and validate application data.Once online, products can be amended at will, no matter how bespoke or complex, without needing to write a single line of code.

No code configuration
  • Bypass product development. Absolutely zero code needed
  • Let product design sit within your business teams
  • You write the rules, INSTANDA implements them
  • Crucially, no code, means no update issues
Seamless integration
  • API ready, no code integration
  • INSTANDA seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure marketplace, and other cloud software
  • API framework streamlines integration with legacy systems
  • Far fewer resources required to migrate books or launch new products
Launch products in days
  • Configure new products within days, rather than months
  • Easy to use. Simply attach your rules to pre-built forms
  • Simplify underwriting your products with embedded rules
  • Make light work of writing premium products
Thousands of possibilities
  • Freely explore untapped markets with new products
  • Listen to your customers and design responsively
  • Test market multi-channel products with ease
  • Make KYC and compliant content part of your product DNA
Lower costs, greater efficiencies
  • Benefit from mutual pricing based on platform usage
  • Lower customer acquisition and servicing costs
  • Reduce the operating costs of existing portfolios
  • Easily track date GWPs against year-end targets
Inherently insurance
  • INSTANDA was conceived, designed and is run by Insurance CIOs
  • A true end-to-end insurance quote and buy solution
  • Products constantly shaped by the insurance community
  • Regulatory updates simplified by changes at source
cyberessentials certification

Our delivery approach

INSTANDA natively cloud based can be implemented in 3 ways:

1. Direct Delivery – You work either directly with the INSTANDA team to deliver the first book migration or product launch.

2. Implementation Partner Delivery – With a higher degree of business change to work digitally and multiple projects running in parallel to digitise parts of a business, partners provide greater levels of change management insight and capability. Many of our clients use the worlds leading consulting and implementation firms partnered with INSTANDA to deliver compelling outcomes.

3. Client self-onboarding co-build – With knowledge transfer a key feature throughout the co-build project, many of our clients are becoming fully equipped to migrate books or self-build future products.

Deployed globally. INSTANDA can be employed as a multi tenant or single tenant deployment

Built with scale

INSTANDA operates exclusively through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on Microsoft Azure. With leading security, hosting and economic flexibility our clients enjoy a world free of IT maintenance, patching and lumpy demand planning processes due to built in real time autoscaling.

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