Cloud native insurance solution, built for insurers to bring products to market quickly

Cloud native platform for maximum agility

INSTANDA operates exclusively as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms in the technology environment.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, there is only one version of the INSTANDA software at any point in time; updates are delivered automatically, in real-time, with no disruption to operations which means less money and time spent on implementation, support, and upgrades. Our software, delivered on a subscription basis, moves and scales with the business.

The INSTANDA Platform

With a fully digital insurance management platform, INSTANDA enables carriers and MGAs to design, build and launch simple to complex insurance products, including common products like auto and home to more elaborate offerings like flood, earthquake, or cyber.

Build your processes with the customer in mind. Translate them on INSTANDA

Design the Customer Experience

Configure products

Distribute to markets

Built for insurers by insurers

INSTANDA is a SaaS-based digital insurance solution that enables carriers and Managing General Agents (MGAs) to design, build and launch insurance products across the Property and Casualty and Life and Health categories.

Some insurers waste years, not to mention millions of pounds, preparing for software upgrades to legacy systems, and then retraining staff on how to use the technology once upgraded.

But there is only one version of INSTANDA’s SaaS-based solution. Upgrades to the technology are delivered automatically every few weeks, without laborious install processes or lengthy retraining. With no internal servers to worry about, updated functionality is instantly available to users, with no disruption to operations or a hefty price tag.








    Break into new markets and strengthen existing portfolios while the competition drags its heels

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    Property & Casualty

    Helping insurers grow, develop and prosper by innovating product portfolios

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    Life & Health

    We see it as our job to break into and digitise the life and health market so that insurers can bring new products and services to the market

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    Capitalise on opportunities and be first to market with agility, speed, and ease.

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    Transformation in Stages

    INSTANDA recognises that insurers may not be ready to transform all in one go, and that customers need a platform that can easily integrate with third-party providers.

    INSTANDA is able to suit the needs of any transformation through:

    End-to-end insurance quote, issue, and manage solution

    Configurable framework

    Seamless Integrations

    Complete Platform Control

    A platform roadmap that mirrors your ambitions

    Leading carriers, brokers and MGAs globally are coming to INSTANDA to capitalise on an increasingly connected consumer landscape and respond at lightning speed to evolving markets.

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