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To achieve sustainable top and bottom-line growth, forerunners in Property & Casualty insurance (P&C) are breaking out of complex and constraining operating models... favour of a far more flexible way of working. They are using INSTANDA to bring new products to market and scale down underperforming lines to achieve an improved return, with lower overall risk.

Don’t just take our word for it

Property & Casualty insurance carriers and brokers are becoming far more agile. They are saying goodbye to insurance product silos, slicing and dicing retail and commercial P&C products in multiple ways. All through INSTANDA’s no-code insurance product launch platform.

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Connected, value-conscious consumers are pushing P&C insurers to reconsider the customer experience they deliver and the products they offer.

In response, large insurers and start-ups alike are bringing to market sophisticated products with simple yet intuitive customer journeys. All at marginal or zero cost.

Be the most responsive...

But it’s how you integrate those capabilities into your business operations that’ll determine your ability to flex and respond to emerging consumer behaviours. You need to be ready with an insurance technology solution that is not only impressive up-front but has the middle and back-office capabilities to seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies.

Through INSTANDA, you’ll not only be the most efficient, but the most responsive in your sector.


Today’s consumers expect far more from their home, car, rental, and speciality P&C insurer. Digitally native, they are looking for products that neatly satisfy their needs, in that moment. With INSTANDA, you can freely explore new markets and diversify existing books at speed. Create and combine any number of retail P&C products through one platform.


Meet the P&C insurance needs of those businesses requiring ever more tailored commercial casualty insurance products. You set your product offering and allow your clients to access the protection they need, wherever and whenever they need it, through our internationally available insurance product creation platform. Responding to emerging commercial needs couldn’t be easier.

New world

With the sharing and gig economies expecting enhanced, more connected customer experience, they’re blurring the boundaries of commercial and personal insurance lines, making standard coverage less relevant. INSTANDA enables you to respond with a hybrid of P&C retail and commercial solutions and introduce entirely new product lines.

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