New World Solutions

Today’s customers expect products and services on demand. They don’t care for insurance product silos.

A new wave of insurance forerunners is emerging through INSTANDA. Insurance carriers and brokers who recognise the value in bringing product lines to market that meet multiple – and very specific – insurance needs. They are enjoying success by responding to the customer in a far more dynamic way.

Don’t just take our word for it

Imagine a world where insurance carriers and brokers launch new product lines in untapped markets within days, not months. Our clients dared to imagine. Their customers are now sidestepping traditional routes to purchase niche insurance products that meet their exacting needs.

Access previously inaccessible markets...

As the lines between personal and commercial blur, INSTANDA is helping insurers and brokers connect their business and personal product lines to offer highly-tailored flexible products. Products that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

New wave solutions

Respond to today’s consumer by stepping away from insurance mono-lines. Bring products to market that are centred on the customer and their needs. The INSTANDA platform makes light work of combining life, health, and commercial cover for various market segments.

On demand

Meet the expectations of consumers looking for just-in time, momentary insurance solutions. Everyday apps and instant retail purchasing have created an acceptance for pay-as-you-go amongst certain demographics. Tap into these momentary markets with insurance products the customer can switch on and off, at a premium.


Are you an MGA looking to embrace new world solutions or simply want to strengthen your product offering? At IMGA by INSTANDA, we make end-to-end policy management simple. If you’re starting a new business, we’ll have you up and running in weeks, not months.

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