Insurance Solutions Team: INSTANDA, North America

Derek Hill profile photo

Derek Hill

Co-Founder and COO

Debbie Wilson profile photo

Debbie Wilson

Chief Operating Officer – North America

Jamie Boyer profile photo

Jamie Boyer

Senior Configuration Manager

Tori Sarmiento profile photo

Tori Sarmiento

Senior Sales Representative

Naish Berran profile photo

Naish Berran

Senior Sales Representative

Angie Sinclair profile photo

Angie Sinclair

Technical Pre-Sales Lead

Jon Halbert profile photo

Jon Halbert

Solutions Engineer

Ashley Vaughan profile photo

Ashley Vaughan

Configuration Analyst

Douglas Wood profile photo

Douglas Wood

Configuration Analyst

Resa Crow profile photo

Resa Crow

Configuration Analyst

Ashley Sneller profile photo

Ashley Sneller

Marketing Manager

Kayla Schwarz profile photo

Kayla Schwarz

PMO Analyst

Kandice Alston profile photo

Kandice Alston

Senior Business Analyst

Tay Davis profile photo

Tay Davis

Project Manager

Katy Murray profile photo

Katy Murray

Strategic Account Manager

Reid Heimkreiter profile photo

Reid Heimkreiter

Account Manager

Anthony Gonsalves profile photo

Anthony Gonsalves

Inside Sales Representative

Kyle Krajnyak profile photo

Kyle Krajnyak

Platform Support Analyst

Roger Johnson profile photo

Roger Johnson

Platform Support Analyst

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