Insurance Solutions Team: INSTANDA, North America

Greg Murphy profile photo

Greg Murphy

EVP, North America

Rebecca Angell profile photo

Rebecca Angell

Senior Account Manager

Rob Zuzula profile photo

Rob Zuzula

Senior Sales Consultant

Mark Stroop profile photo

Mark Stroop

Senior Sales Consultant

Jeff Johnson profile photo

Jeff Johnson

Senior Sales Associate

Matt Cochrane profile photo

Matt Cochrane

Accounts Consultant

Debbie Wilson profile photo

Debbie Wilson

Partnership Leader – North America

Jason Prosek profile photo

Jason Prosek

Configuration Lead- North America

Jamie Boyer profile photo

Jamie Boyer

Senior Configuration Analyst

Douglas Wood profile photo

Douglas Wood

Configuration Analyst

Resa Crow profile photo

Resa Crow

Configuration Analyst

Eric Cole profile photo

Eric Cole

Project Delivery Manager

Kyle Krajnyak profile photo

Kyle Krajnyak

Platform Support Analyst

Kathryn Cramer profile photo

Kathryn Cramer

Marketing Manager - USA

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