INSTANDA winners of Excellence in InsurTech Award

“All the winners were a testament to a local FinTech industry that has almost unlimited potential. The awards also amplify the work of our FinTech industry members who are taking on and solving key industry challenges, such as increasing leadership diversity and building partnerships with larger financial institutions”

FinTech Australia president Simon Cant

We are thrilled that INSTANDA are winners of FINNIE Awards 2017. We were announced as winners of the Excellence in InsurTech category at the FinTech Australia‘s FINNIE Awards, presented by Jobs for NSW in Sydney on Wednesday night.

The Excellence in InsurTech award recognises the companies that have demonstrated the most innovative technologically-enabled advances in insurance services. Indicators such as competitiveness of policies, ease of making purchases or claims along with growth can be included.

Australia’s national FinTech awards identifies outstanding players who demonstrate long-term vision in building and financing sustainable business growth. The awards champion innovative approaches to Australian FinTech, business excellence and collaboration, and/or the deployment of technologies that allow users to access FinTech in new ways.

The judges evaluated entries based on the following parameters:

  • Uniqueness within their category / overall
  • How well does the company do what they say they do?
  • Current Success / Potential Success
  • Difficulty of the problem that is solved
  • Impact: Considerations include productivity, profitability, user experience, risk management, knowledge-transfer, and applicability beyond the financial sector
  • Practicality: Examples include ease of implementation, scalability, and cost-effectiveness
  • Interoperability: Ability for the solution to interface with other systems
  • Uniqueness & Creativity: Extent to which the solution differs from the status quo.
  • Entries should align to the brand values and strategies of the startup. Entries should explain this alignment.

The full list of winners is as follows:

  • FinTech organisation of the year
  • FemaleFinTech leader of the year
    Emma Weston, CEO, AgriDigital
  • MaleFinTech leader of the year
    Greg Moshal & Beau Bertoli, founders and joint executive officers, Prospa
  • Emerging FinTech organisation of the year
  • EmergingFinTech leader of the year
    Emma Weston, CEO and co-founder, AgriDigital
  • BestFinTech place to work
  • Best workplace diversity
  • Marketing campaign or brand initiative of the year
    Equitise – Equitise Bubble
  • Excellence in establishing market presence: Australia
  • Excellence in establishing market presence: global
  • Excellence in industry collaboration & partnerships (Australia)
  • Excellence in industry collaboration & partnerships (overseas)
    OnDeck Capital
  • Excellence in business lending
    RateSetter Australia
  • Excellence in consumer lending
    RateSetter Australia
  • Excellence in peer-to-peer lending
  • Excellence in crowdfunding
    CrowdfundUP and Equitise (joint winners)
  • Excellence in payments
    Assembly Payments
  • Excellence in digital currencies/wallets/exchanges
  • Excellence in blockchain and distributed ledger
  • Excellence in cybersecurity
  • Excellence in insurance technology
  • Excellence in data and artificial intelligence solutions
    Proviso Data
  • Excellence in regulatory technology and risk management
    Proviso Data
  • Excellence in wealth management
    Acorns Grow
  • Excellence in asset management and trading
  • Excellence in financial inclusion (social good)
    Peppermint Innovation
  • Excellence in fintech support services
    Proviso Data
  • Best co-working space (national)
    Tank Stream Labs
  • Best investment firm (venture capital, family office, etc)
    AirTree Ventures and Reinventure Group (joint winners)