INSTANDA in The Times ‘Future of Insurance’ report

Contents of the Report:

  • Insurance is playing catch-up with tech
  • Moving from insuring to protecting risk
  • Accelerating along the road to autonomy

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It was great to see the INSTANDA brand in full-page print in The Times newspaper supplement. Aligning with the theme of the report; ‘Future of Insurance’, we got to promote a freethinking future for the insurance market.

The insurance industry stands accused of being slow to adopt digital technologies which will introduce innovative new products for customers. Personal insurance companies are behind the curve of digital transformation, according to consultancy Altus. A typical consequence is that customers are still met with “bloated” question sets, often asking for unnecessary information, which puts them off. Altus says some insurers are making rapid technological progress, spurred on by comparison sites and other disruptors. Others are not and there is a huge divide between the two…

In a competitive market, agility is key. See how the insurance market is adapting to the future in the Raconteur‘s publication; Future of Insurance