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Some clients are happy to use INSTANDA without any help from us, while others prefer to make use of our support, training and implementation services.

Delivery Approach

INSTANDA is delivered through 3 methods:

  • Client self-onboarding – enabled by targeting training in person and online
  • Co-build – Client and INSTANDA team or the delivery partner team jointly deliver the 1st product or book migration; includes inbuilt knowledge transfer
  • Full delivery – INSTANDA is delivered via a partner build

Each model is delivered via agile sprints with a target cap on any one project of 12 weeks. Simultaneous book transfer and new product builds are delivered through multiple teams running in parallel.


Current INSTANDA delivery partners include:

  • Deloitte (UK and US)
  • Surex Direct (Canada only)
  • Exponential Insurance (LATAM only)

Please contact the following for details of the partner that fits your needs.

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Delivery approach & partners

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