Talks from INSTANDA IN Brief: it’s (not just) about the tech

November 2016 saw the second in our series of INBrief events, entitled “Its (not just) about the tech”. A formidable line-up of industry executives gathered in our Aldgate office to discuss the key issues which they feel are holding organisations back from realising the benefits promised by InsurTech – and what can be done about it.

For those of you who made it to the event, we hope you enjoyed it and found it as intriguing as we did. If you didn’t manage to make it then do not worry – the next event is only around the corner! In the meantime, you can also view the individual speeches of our amazing guest speakers Ruth Polyblank (Head of SME at Chubb), Nigel Walsh (Partner at Deloitte) and Sian Fisher (CEO of the CII) as well as from our own CEO, Tim Hardcastle. Please follow the links to our YouTube channel.

Those present at the event commented on how refreshing it was to hear from individuals in the highest levels of insurance organisations who are now openly pursuing something different from the status quo, and whom are genuinely committed to creating a better service for their customers through the propensity to change. We hope that through our INBrief events we can continue to provide a platform for these individuals to spread their passion!

We are sure that 2017 will continue with the same enthusiasm for innovation that 2016 has brought us.

All the best,