Listen to Insurtech Insider – Ep. 4: InsureTech Connect, Las Vegas

Episode Details

October 20th, 2017

1 hr 23 min

Special Guests

Nigel Walsh

Tim Hardcastle

Chris Cheatham

Caribou Honig

Darin Reffitt

Quentin Colmant

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We are delighted to be featured in InsurTech Insider’s Episode 4: InsureTech Connect, Las Vegas. Have a listen to Nigel Walsh and Our CEO, Tim Hardcastle talking about INSTANDA and about the lessons he’s learnt, through the dotcom boom to starting Instanda in 2012, and how the established insurers are responding to insurtech start-ups. Plus, is insurance really no different from any other consumer market?

Also in this episode, Nigel caught up with Darin Reffitt, Vice President of Marketing at Splice Software, which combines art and science to create stronger customer connections. Nigel and Darin explore the rise of voice and speech-to-speech technologies and emotionally relevant customer messages.

As well, Nigel meets Quentin Colmant, co-Founder of Qover, providing real-time insurance via open APIs. We hear how their solution allows customers to start selling insurance in five minutes.

We hear from Chris Cheatham, founder and CEO of Risk Genius, whose mission is to organise the world’s insurance policy information. Chris tells us why the insurance world doesn’t really know what’s in its insurance policies and how Risk Genius is tackling the problem.

And finally, Nigel sits down with Caribou Honig, Chairman and cofounder of InsureTech Connect, and cofounder of QED Investors. Caribou explains why right now might just be the most exciting time to be in insurtech. We also ask: how can incumbents evolve and is the centre ground of insurtech shifting between Europe and the US?

Source: Fintech Insider