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INSTANDA IN Brief: It's (not just) about the tech

INSTANDA IN Brief: It's (not just) about the tech

Posted on 11th October 2016

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Come and hear Sian Fisher, CEO of The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), Ruth Polyblank, Head of SME at Chubb, and Nigel Walsh, Partner at Deloitte and all-round industry noisemaker, on how they’re challenging entrenched practice and behaviours to build game-changing organisations. You’ve heard it a thousand times: innovative new technologies are coming to change the face of the insurance industry forever. The industry knows it too, which is why it invested a billion dollars last year into InsurTech startups. Guess what? It’s innovate or die. So where is all of this promised disruption? How much is the insurance industry actually taking advantage from innovation in real terms? It turns out there’s a big difference between saying something and investing in something, and another big difference between investing in something and embedding it. The industry is awash with much-hyped innovation opportunities and initiatives that have failed to live up to expectations. And therein lies the problem. In a truly innovative organisation innovation isn’t an initiative: it’s business as usual. With so many other issues such as risk and regulation stealing the limelight, decision-making culture can feel like an afterthought. But to truly differentiate, you need your people on your side and to empower them with what they need to make great things happen: “It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it” (credit Steve Jobs for that one). In this IN Brief session we will explore how you can move past “this is just how things are done around here” to transform behaviour and decision-making in your organisation. We are delighted to welcome to the stage a formidable line-up of senior executives from across the industry to share their experiences. 6:00-6:30pm – Food and drinks reception 6:30-6:40pm – Tim Hardcastle, CEO of INSTANDA | Welcome 6:40-6:50pm – Sian Fisher, CEO of CII | Real-life story 6:50-7:00pm – Ruth Polyblank, Head of SME at Chubb | Real-life story 7:00-7:10pm – Nigel Walsh, Partner at Deloitte | Real-life story 7:10-7:30pm – Max Pell, INSTANDA Board Advisor | Open floor Q&A and closing remarks Hope to see you there! Tweet any questions you want answered in advance to @instandaf2x using the hashtag #INBrief

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