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INSTANDA at Digital Insurance World 2017

INSTANDA at Digital Insurance World 2017

Posted on 30th October 2017

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We will be attending the Digital Insurance World 2017 at etc. venues St Pauls London tomorrow! Come meet our sales representatives, Lloyd Overton and James Elliott, by booking an appointment through sending an email to for a demo or to simply grab a coffee. Digital Insurance World brings together over 150 insurers, brokers and service providers from across the insurance industry. The conference also have many inspiring speakers, who aims to inspire delegates to change their approach to the development, distribution and direction of insurance initiatives in order to offer the most valuable products to their customers. With a new day bringing a new technology prospect, register to discover where the industry is angling itself in the technology revolution, and how you can seize the opportunities available. Be a part of the discussions with the pioneers in the sector, to ensure your front seat on the path of innovation.


09:00 – Meet and Greet 09:30 – Chairman’s Welcome 09:35 – Opening Keynote – Robin von Hein, founder and CEO, simplesurance 10:00 – C-Suite Brexit and Data Panel 10:40 – Break Mix and Match Streams SSP – Digital Disrupters From Start Up to Scale Up 11:00 – Largescale Disruption – Delve into the insides of an Incumbent 11:25 – Transition Time 11:30 – Ready for Launch - A Start-Up Focus 11:55 – Transition Time 12:00 – Pushing for Growth - Are Accelerators right for you? 12:25 – Transition Time 12:30 – Inside NASA - How Large Insurers are Innovating SAP – Technology 101 Tech yourself Lucky 11:00 – Innovate like a Butterfly, Agile like a Bee - Can anyone achieve both? 11:25 – Transition Time 11:30 – The Key to Success? - How Blockchain could help Revolutionise your Business 11:55 – Transition Time 12:00 – Saviour or Slaver? - Is Big Data the Big Answer? 12:25 – Transition Time 12:30 – GDPR - The Fines are Coming Fujitsu – IoT Sharing is Caring 11:00 – Hyperconnected Business. Your World from a New Perspective - Insights for Insurance sector 11:25 – Transition Time 11:30 – Big Brother is Protecting You - How can Connected Technology Shield your Customers? 11:55 – Transition Time 12:00 – My Car is Your Car - Explore the Sharing Economy 12:25 – Transition Time 12:30 – Alexa... How Are You Going to Change Insurance? 12:55 – Lunch 14:00 – Creative Thinking Huddles - Roundtable Discussions 14:40 – Huddle Feedback 15:05 – C-Suite Reflection Panel 15:45 – Closing Keynote 16:15 – Goodbye 16:20 – Networking Drinks Full Agenda

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