October: New Releases

October has been a busy month, making sure that lots on our to-do list is checked before start on new features on the roadmap development over next few months.

There are two important releases to note: the move to Microsoft Azure’s WebApp service and Active Geo-Replication feature:

Microsoft Azure’s WebApp service

WebApps is Microsoft’s recommended web server platform. By moving to WebApps, INSTANDA clients will be able to benefit from new features as soon as they are rolled out. These include, but are not limited to, latest security settings by default, reduced downtime during releases and multiple SSL certificates per server.

Active Geo-Replication feature

Active Geo-Replication is another really exciting feature from Azure which is now part of the INSTANDA off-the-shelf package. INSTANDA has always had Azure Geo-Replication, but now, instead of simply just backing up data, we have the capability to switch between datacentres immediately if any performance issues do arise. How does this work?

All INSTANDA’s client and customer data is principally stored within one of Azure’s databases. This data is then replicated in up to four different servers, called secondary online databases, on a recurrent, virtually real-time basis. The online secondary database is guaranteed to always be transitionally consistent with the modifications committed to the primary database. The primary EU datacentre is in Amsterdam with failover capability 400 miles away in the Dublin datacentre to deliver business continuity as part of the standard service.

Basically, this means that INSTANDA can be run immediately out of multiple locations: if there was an interruption in one, you can maintain normal service with zero disturbance to your business.

Both of these changes are part of our long term strategy to align ourselves with one of the best and most far-reaching cloud platforms in the world.

Additional Features

Additionally, our experts have worked hard to improve and incorporated features to improve our internationalisation — our Spanish language site is just one example.

Lastly, but not least, we’ve improved our user self-help guides and made further enhancements to INSTANDA performance.