November: New Releases

We have been working hard this month on developing some of the features high on the list of most-asked for client requests: specifically the creation of a more extensive client testing process which now includes for each client instance a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment and Document Download Placeholders.

UAT Environment

We are really excited to announce the launch of this particular new feature. Our new UAT environment allows configurators to release stable configuration for user testing whilst continuing to configure in the background. UAT sites can be opened without going through the INSTANDA configuration screens. Unlike live sites, any data documented in a UAT site is treated as test data. Live data cannot be recorded and retrieved on UAT environments.

As expected from us, the choice is yours: UAT sites are not compulsory.

For public or agents’ sites where there are no UAT environments now, INSTANDA clients can only run data from test and live sites. However when a UAT site is constructed, it will no longer be possible to release configuration directly to live sites: all configuration changes will need to be released first to UAT, before being promoted to live.

This release will replace the current ‘Test user’ functionality, which will allow our clients users to launch a test site without going through the INSTANDA configuration screens. This functionality will no longer be accessible following this release.

Public sites cannot be released to the UAT environment for now; but we are working on this functionality which will be released soon.

Document Download Placeholders

After a few requests from our clients, we have also improved our platform by adding new functionality relating to Document Download Placeholders. This allows our client users to attach more than one and specific documents not only to the quote page but also to the sales confirmation page.