March: New Releases

The INSTANDA development team have been working hard on the roadmap with three big new releases this month: World Pay, Product Structures and Improved Cancellation Functionality.

World Pay

World Pay is an additional payment gateway will allow our users to pay with their credit or debit cards from wherever they are in the world and using multiple currencies, making it easier for our clients with global aspirations.

Product Structures

This release allows you to select your cover details on quick quote as well as quote screens, giving much greater flexibility in product structure. What’s more, your total premium will update automatically on sections rather than having to press update. Also, you can now automatically pre-select certain cover types by applying business rules to each application.

Improved Cancellation Functionality

This release also includes ‘Cancellation Calculations’, that perform policy calculations at cancellation stage: this will allow the customer to receive an email with the refund amount they are entitled to, plus any other calculations needed at this point.

We have also improved ‘Cancellation Emails’, where emails can now be sent out at cancellation: this will allow the customer to receive confirmation of their cancellation and of required details of any refund, as well as other calculations.

Likewise, we have worked on ‘Cancellation Documents’. Documents can now be created with sole purpose of only being generated at the cancellation stage of a policy.

What’s next?

Next up we will be adding Motor insurance database (MID) integration and performance enhancements, improvements in our error logging, and validation at publish.

Keep tuned in to find out more!