January: New Releases

We’ve hit the ground running in 2017, extending self-renewal functionality and working on capabilities which streamline the end-user customer journey,

Extension to self-renewal policy

This feature allows the end-customer to self-renew their policies even if the product is only ever sold via a broker. An optional feature, it has been introduced to offer convenience for our clients. As the feature is only for renewal, it is risk free and fully authenticated. There is therefore no risk to our users’ information, or of exposing IP addresses to the internet.

Stream-lined customer journey

As part of our continuous drive to empower clients to delight their end-users, we have made enhancements to the flexibility of the workflow such that end-users can jump straight from the quote screen page to the payment gateway without having to further answer additional questions if the product does not require them. This feature can be used by credit card, MTAs and shared machines.

Apart from these releases, we are continuously making tweaks to improve performance, and have detectors to alert us when anything is slowing down the process. Spot-on end-user customer experience is of paramount importance, and we will continue to make sure we deliver rapid response times.