February: New Releases

This month we are delighted to announce that the new INSTANDA Customer Portal feature is now live!

This exciting new feature will empower the end-insured to manage their cover themselves online: carrying out MTAs and renewals, getting quotes for different policies without having to re-enter their data, and showing them a record of all their transactions.

We envisage this will enable our clients to make the shift to increased self-service insurance, thereby streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies and boosting customer loyalty.

This development is also significant because it represents the first major step in the industry of a technology platform that combines customer centricity with product centricity. As a platform user you can now say unequivocally that the customer finally meets the underwriters in a digital design studio where all parties get what they want and need. An industry first — we think so!

INSTANDA configurators will have the choice to view either, which will contribute to the flexibility of INSTANDA and its adaptability to different organisations’ overall methods and objectives.

As ever, all new INSTANDA functionality is available to all of our clients at no extra cost as it is included in your current licence fees. If you are as excited about digital, self-service insurance as we are, contact your account manager to learn more. In the meantime, INSTANDA configurators will shortly receive instructions for how to get going.

Other releases of note:

The other noteworthy release this month is new extension to the broker referral page which will allow brokers to gather additional information or notes on the referral page via a free text field.

Next up:

Next up we will be adding an additional payment gateway Worldpay and launching auto-renewals for policies.

Watch this space!