December: New Releases

The INSTANDA development team have been busy working on a number of releases this month to see off 2016 on a high.

New features of note are client document uploads, which enables consumers to upload files or images associated with a quote or policy for the record, and policy default start-date which allows consumers to default the start date of their policy to the current date when prior to making their purchase. Both are designed to optimise the customer journey and add to the overall experience.

The team have also been working on roadmap developments. These new releases, which are just around the corner, includes the customer portal ***due January 2017***. This feature will empower customers to manage their cover themselves: carrying out MTAs and renewals, or getting quotes for different policies without having to re-enter their data.

This development is also significant because it is a step towards a general shift in 2017 which will make INSTANDA available as a fully customer centric system, as well as policy centric. Our clients will have the choice to view either, which will contribute to the flexibility of INSTANDA and its adaptability to different organisations’ overall methods and objectives.