April & May: Monthly Releases

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The INSTANDA development team has been working hard in the past two months on the roadmap making sure major releases were released on time. Releases include: Schedule Reporting, Pay Safe Integration, Improvements to Quote Screen and Page Specific JavaScript input. April Schedule Reporting Schedule Reporting will allow you to export Instanda data in to a…

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March: New Releases

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The INSTANDA development team have been working hard on the roadmap with three big new releases this month: World Pay, Product Structures and Improved Cancellation Functionality. World Pay World Pay is an additional payment gateway will allow our users to pay with their credit or debit cards from wherever they are in the world and…

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February: New Releases

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This month we are delighted to announce that the new INSTANDA Customer Portal feature is now live! This exciting new feature will empower the end-insured to manage their cover themselves online: carrying out MTAs and renewals, getting quotes for different policies without having to re-enter their data, and showing them a record of all their…

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January: New Releases

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We’ve hit the ground running in 2017, extending self-renewal functionality and working on capabilities which streamline the end-user customer journey, Extension to self-renewal policy This feature allows the end-customer to self-renew their policies even if the product is only ever sold via a broker. An optional feature, it has been introduced to offer convenience for…

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December: New Releases

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The INSTANDA development team have been busy working on a number of releases this month to see off 2016 on a high. New features of note are client document uploads, which enables consumers to upload files or images associated with a quote or policy for the record, and policy default start-date which allows consumers to…

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November: New Releases

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We have been working hard this month on developing some of the features high on the list of most-asked for client requests: specifically the creation of a more extensive client testing process which now includes for each client instance a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment and Document Download Placeholders. UAT Environment We are really excited…

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October: New Releases

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October has been a busy month, making sure that lots on our to-do list is checked before start on new features on the roadmap development over next few months. There are two important releases to note: the move to Microsoft Azure’s WebApp service and Active Geo-Replication feature: Microsoft Azure’s WebApp service WebApps is Microsoft’s recommended web…

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